Monday, 29 September 2008

"It's Contagious, What's The Latest?"


When I arrived at the studio this morning, Sean and I listened back to yesterday's vocal session and I decided to re-sing two lines in the opening verse, as I wasn't happy with it. It just didn't feel right somehow so we had to get it perfect. Really happy we did as the whole track sounds great now - really in-your-face!!

Sean's been adding in lots of new production today, it's all started to really come to life. It's a lot beefier than the previous demo version, much clearer... In short, I love it sooooo much... and show this by repeatedly doing silly dance moves every time something in the track excites me!


A blurry Sean, tonight.

Sean McGhee writes the blog: Ah yes, the eternal problem of how to make the song sound amazing. We've been lucky so far, as almost everything we've written already has enough going on musically to suggest a clear direction for me. Song 1 is no exception; it's built over a very simple groove, so my aim is to make it as big and funky as it can possibly be without adding too many parts.

This is hard, as it means that every tiny detail you add has to be exactly right or the whole thing tumbles to the ground. Fortunately, my groove muse has been hanging out with Timbaland and 80s Prince today, so I've managed to add some cool parts into the track without disrupting its relentless flow. Often I'm trying to add something that's almost invisible - it should make you want to move your body (to the rhythm of love) but without screaming out, "LISTEN TO ME" or, heaven forfend, getting in the way of the vocal! (.....which = a very happy Rob!)

I always work with a "scorched earth" approach; I can tinker around with an idea for a short while, but if I'm not happy it goes in the bin. Partly this is because I don't like flogging a dead horse, but mostly it's because I'm very easily bored. I do feel that making record should be fun (at least some of the time!) because if we don't enjoy it, neither do you. I should be bouncing up and down at the computer or shaking my hips at the keyboard if we're getting it right - and if I'm not, the part goes into the bin and I try something else. Rest assured that you will be spared footage of my dancing... for now...

We think that we should have Song 1 nailed by the end of tomorrow. Fingers crossed...


I meant to say earlier, I chatted with Mark, Mathis and Luke today as we're doing a gig on Sunday for Channel 4/Sony Ericsson's event on Sunday, 'Run To The Beat' - it's a half marathon to music, where people run for their chosen charity, and us bands play live as they run by to encourage them. It's a free event so come down to Greenwich and see us perform - a little warning though, we're on VERY early for a Sunday - we're on our own dedicated Temposhark stage (number 6) in the MORNING at 9.55AM during the run!!! :) But we'll rock out as we always do, so it'll be a fun way to wake up for us!

More tomorrow!



Tajek said...

Haha I love so much that you guys are doing this blog! It makes me happy!! Keep up the good work on the album!!

Cheri said...

Can't wait to hear some previews? Maybe? Please? : )