Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Remix & Rarities album number 20 on iTunes electronic chart!

Temposhark's brand new 'Remixes & Rarities 2004-2008' album reached number 20 on iTunes electronic album chart today! Thanks to everyone for downloading it.

This is a digital-only album featuring 20 rare Temposhark tracks - bsides, remixes and unreleased songs from 2004-2008. Plus there is a stylish iTunes-exclusive PDF artwork file.

Out now from iTunes worldwide. You can also buy this album from Amazon (UK)and Amazon (USA).

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Remixes & Rarities digital album OUT NOW

Temposhark's brand new 'Remixes & Rarities 2004-2008' album is released today on iTunes worldwide and all good digital stores. This is a digital-only album featuring 20 tracks, plus an iTunes-exclusive bonus PDF artwork file.

The album includes never-before-heard songs such as The Coffee Girl, Hard Medium Soft and Switch Off. Plus unreleased remixes by Milosh, Akira The Don, Karin Ström, Banished To Frigia and Napsugar as well as other rare tracks such as the live acoustic radio performance of Katy Perry's hit I Kissed A Girl.

In the PDF sleeve notes, Robert explains: "I put this compilation together in response to many emails requesting hard-to-find tracks. Whilst it was not possible to include every unreleased Temposhark song or remix, this is definitely a great overview of the varied collaborations that took place between 2004 – 2008, in the build up to ‘The Invisible Line’ debut album. Turn it up loud! Robert Diament, London, October 2009".

The full track list is as follows:
1. Paris (featuring Princess Julia)
2. Not That Big (Metronomy’s ‘NotThatRemix’)
3. Neon Question Mark
4. Bang (Akira The Don Remix)
5. The Coffee Girl
6. I Kissed A Girl (The Selector Live Session)
7. Blame (Banished To Frigia Remix)
8. Knock Me Out (Napsugar Remix)
9. Crime (Masashi Naka Remix)
10. Lemonade
11. Invisible Ink (Avril ‘Coeur Changeant’ Remix)
12. Neon Question Mark (Border Crossing Remix)
13. Crime (Noblesse Oblige ‘Helotry’ Remix)
14. Hard, Medium, Soft
15. Blame (Milosh Remix)
16. Little White Lie (Cursor Miner ‘Acid Stomp’ Remix)
17. Joy (Melnyk ‘Mirth’ Remix)
18. Knock Me Out (Karin Ström Remix)
19. Snow
20. Switch Off

Out now from iTunes worldwide. You can also buy this album from Amazon (UK) and Amazon (USA).

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

New song played on BBC Radio 6 by Tom Robinson

Some of you will have heard our new song 'The World Does Not Revolve Around You' on Tom Robinson's BBC Radio 6 show on Sunday 18th October 2009.

If you missed it, it is still available to listen to online thanks to the BBC iPlayer: click here and forward to the 1 hour 33 seconds point to hear it.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

BBC interview & first play of 'Bye Bye Baby' plus new release dates

Hi gang,

I did an hour long interview on BBC Radio's 'Introducing' show with Linda Serck in Reading last week, which aired on Sunday October 11th! This includes the first ever radio play of our next single 'Bye Bye Baby' which comes out in November. You can still hear it for the next week online at the iPlayer, click forward to the 11 minutes 50 seconds point to hear my interview: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p004mm5k/The_Session_11_10_2009/

Plus, next week Tom Robinson is going to be playing a new Temposhark track on his BBC 6 Music 'Introducing' show in London! I met up with Tom a few weeks ago, it was wonderful to see him, he's really cool - we did our first live session with Tom a few years ago during The Invisible Line album promotion - he was one of our first champions! :)

In other news, I have 2 important release dates for you. Firstly - the single 'Bye Bye Baby' will be released worldwide on 23rd November 2009. I just filmed the music video for this song in London's Limehouse Town Hall. It's a hammer horror inspired film directed by genius new director Ben Charles Edwards... there are photos already circulating on Facebook - I can't wait for you to see the actual video! The single itself comes with some cool remixes, so lots to look forward to.

We launch the video on the very apt Friday 13th November during our live show at Camden's Proud Galleries, for their new series of glamorous events 'Tales of The Unexpected'. More details on our MySpace. See you there!!

Also on 26th October 2009 (my birthday!), I'm releasing a 20 track 'Remixes & Rarities' album dating from 2004-2008 which includes lots of remixes and previously unreleased songs! You can see the full track list at Amazon. This will be available a digital album only, but comes with a stylish PDF artwork file too.

More soon.


Sunday, 4 October 2009

Temposhark free iPhone App launches!

Good news for Temposhark fans with an iPhone! The first ever Temposhark iPhone app has just been launched. Download the app for free from iTunes by clicking here
or by following this link: http://bit.ly/1I81k8

The app will keep you up to date with all Temposhark's videos, live concert dates and new photos. Plus you can also interact by posting your own photos on the Fan Wall. The app is also linked to both Facebook and Twitter.