Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Hi everyone,

If you'd like to be in the new Temposhark video for "The World Does Not Revolve Around You" on Saturday, and you live in London or the UK and can travel to London, we need about 40 or more people to be extras.

If YOU wanna come join our party then we'd need you between 10am and 7pm on Saturday 16th May in an East London location.

Some of you might be able to leave earlier - possibly around 4pm or 5pm. But we're saying 7pm just in case it overruns.

We're looking for all different kinds of people, both male and female, who can dress up, be glamorous and be 'party' extras in the shoot?

We like the idea of glitter and dressing up as if you were going out on a fun party night! But to be honest, you don't have to dress up if you don't want to, the more the merrier.

Also you are able to dress up at the venue on arrival if you prefer to do this.

ALSO IF YOUR OUTFIT IS VERY IMPRESSIVE, YOU MIGHT EVEN BE GIVEN THE CHANCE TO BE A PROPER CAMEO IN THE VIDEO! We have a VERY special guest who will be in the video with us, so this is your chance to SHINE! :)

Does this sound like something you could do? Or someone you know?

If yes, please email temposhark@gmail.com if you're interested WITH A PHOTO and a link to your myspace or facebook if possible.

Sadly we cannot pay for any travel expenses, but we will provide drinks and some food at the shoot.


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