Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Update: New single, Frankmusik, Majiker, Diana Vickers, The Good Natured and.... PARIS HILTON!!!

It's me. I'm back. Back to the world of blogging.

Hi gang,

How are you all? (You can actually let me know at www.twitter.com/temposhark if you like!)

I'm good good good. Sorry I've not written sooner, it's all been non-stop since I last wrote. I did some song writing with Diana Vickers and Guy Sigsworth. I wrote a cool dance song with Neil Athale for a female popstar, and yesterday I went out of London and wrote a new duet with The Good Natured. Gonna be good! I also had lots of fun last weekend hanging out with Vince aka Frankmusik, there's some photos up on my Facebook and I've put one here:

Frankmusik and Temposhark, July 2009.

I've been busy getting stuff together for the first single to be taken from Temposhark album 2. You probably
know by now that the single is called 'The World Does Not Revolve Around You' and comes out on Monday 14th September 2009 worldwide as a digital 2-track single, with a lovely b-side remix of another song 'Threads' by the wonderous Majiker. If you don't know Majiker already, he co-produced French superstar Camille's albums 'Le Fil' and 'Music Hole' and has just released his own debut album too! He rules my heart and it was a joy to collaborate with him. You can listen to clips from the new single, it's already listed on Amazon.co.uk: http://twurl.nl/pp8z6n and on Amazon.com http://twurl.nl/63255j

My second Temposhark album will come out in early 2010... BUT for those who are impatient to hear new songs, the good news is that there will be another single before that, which comes out in early November 2009 - again with some cool dance remixes. I did some photos last month for the album cover which is exciting, all coming together, we have the concept all ready to go, yeeehaah!

ALSO, I meant to tell you a few weeks ago, that 'The World Does Not Revolve Around You', along with a few other new songs, are going to be featured on the new Paris Hilton series 'My New BFF' (season 2) in the USA in the coming weeks, which is fun! On top of the Paris Hilton show, some of our new music is also going to be used on these US shows, most of which are on MTV USA I'm told, all coming out very soon:

The Stylist
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami (debuting August 2009)
The Real World
Road Rules (including Extreme Challenge)
The Bad Girls Club (Oxygen Network)

Thanks to everyone who came to see our recent live gigs in London. We had some very nice emails and reviews including this one from Electroqueer music blog.

Keep any eye on
MySpace for news of gigs... and also you can chat about all things Temposhark at the new Forum at www.temposhark.com

Love to you all, R.x
p.s. check out this painting below of me by artist Sunci! Fun eh?

Robert Temposhark painted by artist Sunci, July 2009.

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