Thursday, 19 November 2009

New music video/single, MTV placements, blog reviews and live gig this weekend!

'Bye Bye Baby' - me on set of my new music video!
Photo by Chris James Edwards.
Hi gang,

Lots of good news on the Temposhark front.

My brand new music video for the single "Bye Bye Baby" is up on YouTube now and is already getting nice comments from bloggers around the world - check out USA pop blog's comments from today by clicking here.
Whilst another hot US blogger has done this rather cool preview feature, click here to read.

London's super-cool Electroqueer has just posted the video too - with a comparison to none other than Edward Cullen from the movie Twilight! On an EQ blog tip, don't forget we're performing live this weekend at the EQ club night in East London at Bar Music Hall. We go on at 10pm SHARP and it's FREE to get in. Bonus!
In other good news, check out MTV in the USA this weekend as their new show Styl'd 'Episode #104' – Airdate 11/22/09 - features a full stream of new Temposhark song "Irresistible" plus the song is chyron'd so we get our name in lights! Ha.

Looking forward to hearing what you think of the new single/video. For those in London, see you on Saturday night at Bar Music Hall.

Love Rob.x

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