Sunday, 6 December 2009

New Temposhark songs on 'Styl'D' with MTV

Hi gang,

7 songs by Temposhark are included in the brand new MTV series Styl'D. The shows are airing firstly in the USA during November and December, across the following episodes 104, 105, 106 & 107. The shows all air on Tuesday nights at 11pm ET/PT.

The exact details are below:

Episode #104 –
"Irresistible" (song is chyron'd)

Episode #105 – "Green Lights"

Episode #106 –

Episode #107 –
"Not That Big" (song is chyron'd),
"The Last Time I Saw Matthew",

"Frames" (song is chryon'd),
"Invisible Ink"

In other news, UK magazine ArtRocker features a review of new Temposhark single 'Bye Bye Baby', out now. You can watch the video for the new single at YouTube.

Enjoy! Temposhark HQ.


Tuggie said...

Is one of the song in the end of episode 7 which goes like something: 'I can't undestand you, but I can feel you' '& moves me moves me again again again again again' ?
Cause it sounds awesome and it seems impossible for me to discover what song it is.
Is it by Temposhark ?

Robert Temposhark said...

YES! That is a new Temposhark song called 'Frames' - it comes out on April 5th 2010, on my new album Threads. Thanks for listening! Cool you like the song. Rob.x