Wednesday, 4 February 2009

"Fashion, Turn To The Left"

I met up with Tom today who is art directing the new album sleeve.

We had a long, animated chat which lasted a good hour or so, looking at some boards of images he'd put together for me, and working out what what we both want to do........ and the exciting news is that we're hoping to do the main photo shoot before the end of February. Cool!!!

It was really exciting to see how enthusiastic he is about the new songs... he's one of the only people who has heard any of the new songs so far! It was also an amazing feeling to realise that soon there will be a front cover, a finished product which will become the roof over these 11 new songs... it's exciting knowing the time will soon come when we're able to share all these tracks.

The mixes are all coming together now, it's sounding really sharp and fresh and thrilling to know we're almost there......................

Night night.


Taragh said...

Thank you for keeping up with the blogging. Just interested in whether you leave the ideas totally to the art director or if you have ideas for the cover.

Isis M. Nocturne said...

Oooohhhhh, happy tingle down the back of my spine to hear that you guys are soooo close to being done! Please oh please can we get a 30 second demo of a couple songs? *hugs for all involved in CD-making process*

Anna said...

So exciting!! : )

Can't believe you're nearly done.
Can't WAIT to hear it.