Friday, 30 January 2009

"Say I'm Sorry"

Hi gang,

I've spent the past few days singing, very gently, on the penultimate track for the second album... I can't believe there's only one more song left to sing now! We're so almost there!!!! WOOHOO!!!

And try again... ;)

I just revealed to the followers on Twitter that the song we're doing today is called 'Say I'm Sorry'... it's one the most chilled out tracks on this album; I love the electronic beats Sean made for it. They're pretty much the same as the original demo version we did during the song writing process, something magical happened that day. When Sophie Solomon was over a few weeks ago, she played some beautiful violin parts too which have made it even more special.

This morning Sean was singing some backing vocals which sound absolutely amazing, spellbinding. Since then he's been tinkling on the keyboard and also got his guitar off the wall to play... I've just filmed a bit for my next post, but for now here's a photo.

Sean playing guitar on 'Say I'm Sorry'.

Back to the subject of Twitter, I've been a member of it for ages, but have only just started to update it more regularly... it's fun! You can sign up and follow us at:

More soon,


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