Wednesday, 5 November 2008

"Eric B For President"

Hello, we're in a different studio for 3 days!

We've driven down to Berkshire. We're in a place called Cookham which is really near to where I grew up when I was a kid funnily enough! It feels lovely to be back here.

We're lucky to be working with a great mixer and producer called Tufty and it's been so much fun so far! He has a great spirit, and always have a very joke to tell us.
Mathis has been playing like the demon that he is! The first two tracks are completed now, so three more to do over the next two remaining days... woohoo! The real drums are SO incredible on these songs, they've giving the tracks a breath of new life. Really lifting them up. Sean and I are getting very over excited. I'm filming lots today, so look out for a video coming up next!

Ooh, I'm loving the screen saver!

I'm also particularly happy for the USA today. Great news that Obama won the election. I stayed up as long as I could last night, finally went to bed at 3.30am UK time just after he had won Ohio... it was clear by then that he would be the 44th president. Congratulations to all our friends in the USA for this historic change. The future is bright.

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