Friday, 7 November 2008

"We Missed You Hissed The Lovecats"

Sean and I are back in the London studio now, with Sean hard at work editing all the drum recordings from the past 3 days spent in Cookham.

Here's one final clip from Cookham, this is me yesterday morning with the coolest cat in the universe, Newbie. Oh and listen out for a sneak preview of one of our new album tracks at the end of this clip:

In response to a number of emails about the previous blog dated November 5th titled "Music Can Be Such A Revelation", yes you are all correct... the fish in the studio screen-saver are in fact Clown Fish, not Gold Fish nor Angel Fish as Sean so smugly corrected me during the video clip! Ha! Just like Finding Nemo!


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email said...

Gorgeous! You, NOT the cat! The song sounds fabulous x