Sunday, 16 November 2008

"Nobody Knows Me Like You Know Me"

Thursday and Friday were brilliant. We marched ahead with the first single, which now has all kinds of wonderful noises, it's really bouncy and I can't help but laugh because the lyrics are so bitchy, but in a nice way, if that's possible. :) I'm really excited for you all to hear it!

You may wonder why no blog updates. Well I'm currently in bed with a stinking cold, so I'm fighting it off in order to begin singing next week. I blame it on the underground, I think traveling daily on London tubes right now is like inviting all germs to come and stay, with big open arms like 'Come on cold, come hang out with me!'.

Anyway, it's not all bad. Check out this painting which was emailed to the blog on Friday by a very talented Temposhark fan in China. Yes China! So a big thank you to Sicibom! Your painting has really lifted my spirits, and it's really cool to know that you're listening to my music all the way on the other side of the world. :) Life is good.

Check it out! It's me via the very colourful eyes of Sicibom!

Have a good Sunday everyone, and with a little luck, Sean and I will be back to work tomorrow. R.xx

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sicibom said...

:D!Take good care of your germ,and look forward to your new album.