Saturday, 1 November 2008

"And Now You Hang Your Life In Frames, And It Moves Me"

Hi everyone,

November has arrived and we're happy.

Track 4 is coming along REALLY well now, I'm thrilled with it. Sean has been hard at work on the production for the track. Not only is it probably the most epic track we've done on this album, but it also feels a bit like a Bond track, I could imagine 007 catching an evil villain to this one! Maybe one day! Ha ha... I always think it's good to have BIG dreams...

Here's a little clip of Sean adding some guitar this morning onto the last section of this new song for you to enjoy:

I spent the whole of Tuesday writing words to another song for the album. It was half written, I'd started it a while back in the middle of the night. It's a very personal, deeply emotional song, so it was quite tough on the emotions to pick up from where I'd left it all those months ago - but it feels good to know that it's now completed. We're thinking it could end up as the closing track on the album. We'll see.

By the way, when the album is released, some of you may spot that the lyrics to Track 4 were inspired by art... this is partly because on Wednesday and Thursday, I was in Edinburgh with Tracey Emin and some friends, which was the most amazing trip I think I've ever had (and the main reason why I'd not updated this blog sooner).

Edinburgh is an incredible place, I feel really connected with it now, and am looking forward to future Scottish trips to get to know Scotland better. Not only are the local people really cool, AND THEY SMILE A LOT in comparison to us Londoners, but the actual spirit of the place itself - the architecture, their galleries, and their food (especially the fresh fish) is second to none. We did some gigs in Glasgow a few years ago and I have a soft spot for Glasgow too, which is a very different kind of place, grittier, perhaps cooler in a way, with a very unique spirit.

Luckily for me, I saw Tracey's show two more times during this Edinburgh visit, which once again lifted my soul to new heights. It closes on November 9th, so if you've got time this week GO SEE IT! Click here for more information. And if you can't make the trip to Scotland, it will be travelling next to Malaga in Spain and then on to Bern in Switzerland so if you happen to live near those cities I know you'll enjoy the exhibition. Otherwise, I recommend you buy the accompanying book as it's a great insight into 20 years of Tracey's art.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we're rehearsing in west London with Mathis as 3 days next week we're heading to a recording studio in Berkshire where we're going to record Mathis' live drums for 5 songs from this new album. VERY excited! More updates soon...


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