Thursday, 22 January 2009

"And now, the end is near"

This week has been productive, the album is getting closer and closer to completion. Paul Stroud, who did some of the string and orchestral arrangements on the first Temposhark album, came over. He played trumpet and trombone onto one of the faster tracks, which has added an extra depth... plus we all stood around a stereo microphone set up to sing and scream the chorus! It sounds wicked.

That same day we went over to Simon from The Gadsden's house and ran through the final track for the album, which is a piano and voice track. I've loved The Gadsdens music for well over a year now, and saw them play live last week in London which really lifted my spirits.

I love the way Simon plays piano; he has such a unique way of playing... I can always tell its him as soon as one of their songs starts. It's amazing to be working with him for this song; it's a sad track about a friend that died and the piano arrangment Simon has come up with is perfectly suited.

Sean and I also realised that this new album is a bit more full-on than the first album in many ways, so it's good to have this one at the end to give a sense of space.

Yesterday we returned to Cookham and GOOD NEWS! The first 4 tracks for this album are now finished, we have final mixes! WOOHOO!! They sound beautiful. I'm thrilled... and it's beginning to feel really exciting; at long last we're going to have a new album! I can't wait to share it with you.

Here's a clip from yesterday:

More soon,

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