Saturday, 24 January 2009

"You And Me Are Irresistable"

Last night, Sean and I listened back to our new song 'Irresistable' and suddenly decided we'd like to get some female voices to sing with me in the choruses.

Considering we have to finish this track by Monday at the latest, we were a little like "AHHH!!".

To top it all off, I broke my iPhone last week so am waiting for it to arrive back. I therefore had hardly any numbers in this old phone I'm using; plus the battery decided to die just at the exact moment I wanted to start calling some friends...

So Facebook it was. I posted a message on my Facebook profile and what do you know? This morning we had 3 friends of mine: Gemma, Jana and Susanna!

The trio arrived bright and early on this Saturday morning to sing loudly - a bit like football team hooligan supporters!

THEN at 2pm, another four friends arrived: Lea, Jasmin, Bonnie and Ilana! It was brilliant!

Some of you may recognise Jasmin as she was actually a member of Temposhark in 2005, back when it was all beginning! We've stayed friends and I've been to see her band Zoot Woman perform live recently which was awesome. She rules! So it was a pleasure to have her back to sing on this song. :)

Today was AMAZING, so much fun. Here are two videos we filmed for you today!

Part one:

Part two:

More soon...




Gemma Louise said...

"I was "nothing compared 2 u??!!"

What like your ripping off Prince's lyrics now?!

OMG, I was amazing and you know it ;-)

Loving the song! Was really good fun.

Gem xxxxxxxxxxxx

Isis M. Nocturne said...

Dying for the new album! How much longer are you guys gonna be working on it?