Friday, 9 January 2009

"I don't think you understand, I'm your biggest fan"

We've had an amazing 3 days in Cookham, mixing at Tufty's. A song a day, and the first three are sounding AMAZING, I'm very very excited... the finish line is getting closer and closer.

Next up is going back to London (tonight) and then singing tomorrow. I have a few more vocals to complete in the coming weeks.

We will have one more song for Tufty to mix and three more for Andy Bradfield to mix! And Sean is mixing the remaining ones. I can't believe we're almost there, album two!!!!!

I can't wait to start sharing clips with you on MySpace............

Here's a little video I shot for you this afternoon, and check out the world's two biggest Temposhark fans at the end of the clip! Plus we've reveal two more song titles from the new album, one is called 'Threads' and the other is the last song we wrote for the album, 'Frames':

More soon.......

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