Sunday, 19 October 2008

"1 2 3 4, Tell Me That You Love Me More"

So we continue... and I'm even happier with today's results.

Hope you enjoy the cheerleading. Yes, cheerleading. Who knew. ;)

Warning: the above video contains one rude word (maybe two rude words in fact).


ColemanG said...

I've become a huge fan of you guys since I ran across The Invisible Line a few months ago. It's so thrilling to hear that you're already working on the next album! It's so great that you keep in touch with your fans like this (much like how Imogen is with her fans with vblogs while she prepares her second album). Looking forward to more! Please tour the US sometime!

Ben Tolliday said...

This is undoubtedly the funniest vblog I've ever seen - you guys are trippers!

Keep up the good work team Temposhark :^)