Thursday, 9 October 2008

"Get The Bow Going, Let It Scream To Me"

Today at Temposhark album HQ, it's all about the love of strings:

...oh and some very dodgy camera work!
Yes, OK, I admit it. I do probably have the worst camera-skills ever! But this really is how I see the world. :)


tombigbee said...

Great to see lots of fun in the studio - that's what it should be like! The first set of strings reminded me of Madonna's Dear Jessie. That's a good thing. Loved the second set that slide around. Can't imagine how they're going to appear in the same song - looking forward to hearing it in the future.

Tony said...

Sean, He's a very naughty boi.
I say smack the monkey and get some order !!!!!


Woof n ting.


Tajek said...

Ah! Rob, your camera skills... well they leave me a little nauseous... haha but other then that I love the music!!

Isis M. Nocturne said...

The camerawork made me dizzy, but the commentary made me laugh! I love you guys!