Saturday, 25 October 2008

"They Would Not Listen; They Did Not Know How"

We've been writing a brand new song over the past few days. Today we're finishing the lyrics and on the train here this morning I really enjoyed listening to the demo on my phone. It sounding very different to the other songs, and I don't think we've really done a song like this before. It's got a laid back big bass groove, it reminds me of summer.

So it's an unexpected direction, which should add something different to the album as a whole. We've been playing with some different lyrical approaches too, tr
ying to make this less about a direct relationship and broader, looking at life from a larger scale I guess.

Lights Of My Life!
(no instruments were harmed during in the taking of this photo)

We had some good news on Thursday - South by Southwest music festival have invited us to play in Texas in March 2009. Our video to 'Blame' is also going to be screened the week before too at the SXSW Film Festival, so that's great too.

I love SXSW and can't wait to return to Austin, it's got a very different atmosphere to other parts of the USA that we've been to when touring, I think maybe because it's a lot smaller than some of the cities like New York, Chicago or LA for example
. We played at SXSW once before in 2007 and it was incredible. I'll always remember coming out on stage and the room was packed, with lots of people at the front singing the words to songs like 'Blame' and 'Not That Big' and I was really shocked. At that point, our first album hadn't even been released. It just proves the power the Internet has in sharing new music super fast.

I imagine some of you reading this might make music yourselves? If yes, then head over to Acid Planet now and download the parts to our song 'Joy'. We've decided to open a remix competition which starts today. I'm excited to hear what you come up with!

I'm 28 tomorrow. Yeehaah!

In other news - it's my birthday in the morning! I'll be 28!! Wow!! And I just found out that the clocks are changing so I get a whole EXTRA HOUR to celebrate... :) I'm having the day off out of the studio and will be celebrating with friends from late afternoon, I can't wait to catch up with everyone.

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