Thursday, 2 October 2008

"Out Of Nowhere It Appeared"

Change of plan today! Sean and I started the day off by spending an hour discussing all the songs we had so far, deciding a definite shortlist for the album out of all the many new songs we've got, and ended up choosing 12 or 13 which we're calling the A-List!

But on looking at the resulting A-list, we felt there were 2 types of songs missing - one killer slow track, with anthemic heart-breaking chorus, and a harsher rockier track, you know the kind of one where I get MEGA FURIOUS... ha ha... so we decided to take a day to write the former. AND WE DID IT! Out of nowhere, we now have written that missing anthemic slow track...

We also decided which songs were going to have real live drums recorded for, as played by the ever-fantastic Mathis Richet, and which ones will have real bass, but for this album not played by Sean himself, it will be performed by the rather marvellous Mark Ferguson. Plus we've invited Sophie Solomon, the legend that she is, to perform some proper-violin-solos for us on a few songs, the quality of which only she is capable!

How unexpected! We wrote a new song! A whole song! Well, almost whole...

So.... we have the plan. The masterplan in fact. And it's shaping up very well, even if I do say so myself.... Muhahahaaaahh!!!

And it's days like today that make me happiest; whenever you get to write a brilliant song that takes you completely by surprise, it makes everything seem INCREDIBLE and like I am the luckiest man alive.

I'm off now to cook some dinner, and then I want to try and write lyrics for the second verse of our new triumphant track! Night night


p.s. Sean isn't blogging with us tonight as he's having a night off to party with his mates in London town! See you bright and early tomorrow morning Sean! BRIGHT AND EARLY!!! :)

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